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Angel Haze

Angel Haze

Photos: Todd Jordan


In an era of outspoken female MC’s it seems only right that someone like Angel Haze would surface, to try and out-speak them further. The slight 21-year-old carries an air of peaceful calm around her, but listen to her mix tape, Reservation, and you’ll hear the voice of someone who is confident in herself and her sexuality (she’s openly bisexual), who’s lived in what she describes as a religious cult, who’s watched the continual rise of Nicki Minaj and decided to be better than her, who was branded early on in her career as a rap brat because she didn’t write her own music, and whose track New York practically blew up the internet with it’s menacing rap and simple and ritualistic hand claps.  Recently signed to a major label, Haze, who grew up in New York, has already got big things up her tiny, androgynous sleeves.


What do you want people to say about you?
Angel Haze: Nothing, preferably, but then I know that there is no way of being prosperous in this industry without having people talk about you so I try not to give a fuck. So I don’t know what I want people to say about me. If anything, just: “she is an awesome-ass bitch.” This is the easy part.


A lot of people find this the hard part.
Angel Haze: It’s the easy part.


What do you find the hard part?
Angel Haze: The hardest part for me is not knowing what’s next. That’s it for me, the hardest part of life. If I knew what was next then I’d have a pretty easy life.


Are you quite panicky?
Angel Haze: Yeah, I have horrible anxiety. I’m really panicky. You can never normally tell because I’m really well composed but I fucking freak out dude. We went to the mall, to Westfield, and I’m having a panic attack and I turn to my manager and I’m like, “dude I can’t be around all of these fucking people in this mall, it’s too closed off and I’m freaking out.” I haven’t been to a mall in, like, four years, since I was 17.


I heard that you didn’t miss a single shot in our shoot with you. Are you a basketball fan?
Angel Haze: I killed that shit. I actually hate sports. I hate watching them; they’re so boring. Who gives a fuck? Seriously, I’d be the person to rant about how basketball players do not deserve to get played, they are not doing a real job. If it were up to me then there would be no form of currency.


So what would everyone use, payment in kind? Like, I’ll give you a ride in my car and you give me some eggs?
Angel Haze: Why don’t you just give a ride for the fucking sake of it you ass hole? Why do you have to look for compensation all the time? The thing is, if there was never money how would you know you need it to pay for things. I mean, there is obviously a barter system in certain situations because people wanted something from different countries and they are like, “what the fuck are you going to give me?” The thing is, I don’t really know the value of a dollar.


Angel Haze: I’ve never really had to work. I had a job when I was sixteen and I quit and ever since then I have never worked in another facility. I bought clothes with my parents money – I mean, I would work for it, I’d do shit for my mum and she would pay me in turn.


Most of the other people breaking through at the same time as you are quite pop, but your album is really dark.
Angel Haze: I’ve really invested in my darkness. Like, a lot. I feel like the album is a perfect introduction for me. It’s like, here I am. Take it or leave it you fucking cunts. It’s just an introduction. The next album, which is already halfway completed, is going to be like the bad-ass foundation kind of thing. I’ve worked with Rudimental and Paul Epworth on it, and like you really don’t know what’s going to come from that but it’s going to be hard.

I’ve really invested in my darkness. Like, a lot. I feel like the album is a perfect introduction for me. It’s like, here I am. Take it or leave it you fucking cunts.

Do you see yourself as someone that other people could look up to in the future?
Angel Haze: That’s hard, and either something that you really want or something that you really don’t fucking want. You don’t want anyone modelling their lives after yours because you fuck up. So for me it’s like, don’t expect me to act a certain way because I don’t and I wont ever.


Have you got hard core Angel Haze fans?
Angel Haze: Oh my God, yeah! They’re fucking crazy dude. You have to go on my Instagram, they literally send death threats to other people like, “Oh bitch you don’t love her more than I love her, I’ll fucking kill you.” It’s fun to have that kind of thing but it’s also scary because with the extreme love comes the extreme forms of hate and I get that a lot too!


When people say that you can’t do something, does that make you want it more?
Angel Haze: Fuck it, I hate being told that I can’t do something, are you fucking kidding me? That’s my message. I can’t remember who it was from Atlantic but he heard my music like a year ago and he was like, “she can’t be a star, she doesn’t have it.” The same guy is on my ass now trying to sign me. I’m like, “fuck you dude, if you didn’t believe in me from the jump, I don’t want you to hop on when everything happens”. So that’s my thing.


So, that’s your message.
Angel Haze: Yeah. You can do whatever the fuck you want to do, you can be as bad as you want, you can be as good as you want, whatever, who gives a fuck, whatever you have been through none of this shit matters. If you want to achieve something you can have it at the end of the day, it depends on how hard you work. And: I’m a bad-ass bitch.

If you want to achieve something you can have it at the end of the day, it depends on how hard you work. And: I’m a bad-ass bitch.

Yes you are. 


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