Blossom Caldarone Unpicks the Pitfalls of Friendship on 'Fickle Friend' - Beat Magazine

Blossom Caldarone Unpicks the Pitfalls of Friendship on ‘Fickle Friend’

South Londoner Blossom Caldarone follows up her debut single ‘Fairytale Lullaby‘ – premiered right here on the BEAT – with her second offering ‘Fickle Friend’.

The track is yet another super relatable narrative, this time around Blossom unpicks the trials and tribulation of friendship and the pitfalls of deciphering which of those are five minute mates or forever friends. It’s also got a distinctly Lily Allen feel, which is obviously a good thing. We did warn you she was good.

Here’s what Blossom had to say about the release:

I wrote ‘Fickle Friend’ after finishing school when I was working out who my real friends were. It’s about when someone does a few small things that make you question everything your friendship is built on. The video features some amazing musicians and friends which made the shoot so much fun!! I wanted the visuals to feel staged and fake, sort of like the people the song is about. Shout out to all snakes we’re all trying to avoid!

Catch Blossom live at The Ivy House pub in Peckham on March 20th – tickets here!