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Saya Announces ‘Chills & Thrills’ EP with ‘Paid’ Video

Toronto native Saya follows her 70s horror movie spoofing ‘Wet Dreams’ video, with the playful ‘Paid’ visual. Inspired by 70s playboy spreads and Harmony Korine’s Act da Fool, the ‘Paid’ visual is a lowkey gangsta ride featuring big hoops and limousines.

The Spring Breakers style visual for ‘Paid’, featuring Saya’s friend and fellow salwart of the Toronto scene, Kris. ‘Paid’ is the first cut to be lifted from Saya’s forthcoming Chills & Thrills EP, that’s set to follow the video on 31st January​.

‘Paid’ is yet another slice of Saya’s alluring polished pop and spoken word rap. The track picks up from her previous single ‘On Ice’, exploring empowerment in relationships, while attempting to not take traditional notions of love too seriously. “I definitely have a dominant personality and I have really loved the process of embracing womanhood,” Saya says, “I wanted to make a song that someone could listen to and feel sexy too.”