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These are the Norwegian Bands You Should Be Listening to According to Great News

After Aussie lo-fi trio Good Boy turned us on to their favourite Oz bands, we hit up Norwegian daze-poppers Great News and asked them to share some hidden treasures from home.

Great News are dropping their debut album, Wonderfault, on 16th February via Bergen-based indie label Eget Selskap. Following the singles ‘Never Get My Love‘ and ‘Wonderfault‘, the band have shared their DGAF anthem ‘Told’.

Great News’ Even Kjelby explains the thinking behind ‘Told’, saying: “Growing up today, we are repeatedly told to focus on the future, have kids, get married and earn lots of money to achieve true happiness, like that’s the only way of solving the puzzle of life. Fuck that. Do what you want, not what you’re told.”

Right on!

Check out ‘Told’ below and dive into Great News’ guide to the Norwegian bands you should be listening to.

Young Dreams

“Young Dreams are a bunch of mates from our hometown, Bergen. They have just released their second album, which sounds amazing! Probably one of the best releases that will come from Bergen this year, we mean, how can you do it better?”


“Evigheten is a band from our hometown, made and produced by Njål Paulsberg. The first time we listen to the Evigheten we where listening to the song ‘Turbulensen’ its so great so we just heard it over and over again.”

Misty Coast

“We’ve always looked up to Linn and Richards taste in music, and their duo project is a hidden psych gem. This is one of the strongest records from last year in Bergen.”

Silja Sol

“Silja is signed to the same label that we are. Her music is super moving and brilliant. She recently did a coop with Bob Hund (Swedish band), that’s kind of cool!”


“This band is a gaming band, they tour a lot and are great guys. They’re big in Germany and Spain. Their music is splendid and their live concerts are tze bezt.”