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Liverpool’s SPINN Share Glimmering New Track ‘After Dark’

Take a first listen to ‘After Dark’, the new single from Liverpudlian band SPINN. Signed to the Europe branch of China’s biggest indie label, Modern Sky, the track is a taste of SPINN’s forthcoming EP (produced by Chris McCory of Catholic Action).

Frontman Jonny describes the song as “a little pop tune to listen to when you find yourself ‘low-key’ in love with someone, they may be unattainable, the may be the one for you, who knows? You’re going to have to listen to find out.” Jonny says he struggled with the lyrics for ‘After Dark’ because in comparison to a lot of the band’s other work, its quite heavy and dark. “I’m not a heavy or dark kind of person,” Jonny protests, “So I didn’t want to come across as contrived or like I was going through an emo phase.”

Essentially ‘After Dark’ is about seeing a relationship slowly break down, written from a he said/she said perspective because, as they say, there’s always two sides to a coin.

“From approachable lads, to sub-urban chroniclers of heartbreak and woe,” Jonny laughs, “that’s a good career curve is it not?”