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Still Parade Drops Chill New EP ‘Kindness’

Berlin based Niklas Kramer aka Still Parade has spent most of his 2017 working on the follow up to his 2016 album, Concrete Vision. As a bit of a stop gap to tide us over, Kramer has shared the dreamy three-track EP, Kindness.

The EP is the first new Still Parade music in over a year. It’s a psych pop wonderland of drum machines and sun-kissed synth pads, all recorded in just five days, straight to tape to avoid any overthinking.

Here’s what Kramer had to say about Kindness:

After working on a new album for most of the year and just feeling stuck for a while I felt the urge to focus on something else. I started revisiting unreleased and unfinished songs I had written over the last few years. I rearranged parts, changed some of the words and sequenced the instruments and then recorded them straight to tape… These song capture the feeling of this one weird week in August.