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Smooth Groovers Rhye Made Us a Playlist and Told Us About Their ‘Warm’ Second Album

If smooth grooving was an Olympic sport Rhye would be gold medalists. The LA-based R&B collective have been teasing the follow up their 2013 debut, Woman, with new songs ‘Please’, ‘Summer Days’ and ‘Taste’. They’re all set to make an appearance on Rhye’s second album that’s due out in 2018. To tide you over until then, we asked Rhye’s Milosh to tell us about the new record and to put together a playlist of songs that have inspired the Rhye sound.

With the most recent Rhye record, one of the initial things I was trying to accomplish was to create a feeling of warmth. A warm sound created with live analog instruments and microphones and recorded in specific environments, but also a real, warm feeling. Thinking about what creates that warmth, I turn to the songs that shaped me from my youth. Nostalgia creates a feeling that everyone can relate to even if the things we are nostalgic about are different. It’s interesting to think of nostalgia driving or informing an overall sonic palette. As I’m looking back on the Rhye record we’ve just made, I can hear how pieces of the music from my past have influenced the music I make now. Here’s a collection of songs from my childhood that feel meaningful to me.”
– Milosh of RHYE

▶️ Prince – ‘Erotic City’
“The first piece of vinyl I ever bought as a child was “Let’s Go Crazy” by Prince. The Bside was a track called “Erotic City.” And as you can imagine, I was surprised that my parents were okay with me listening to this song, because of how provocative the lyrics were at the time. Though, in writing the song ‘Phoenix’ from the upcoming Rhye album, I found that I was able to embody that same care free attitude Prince displayed when he used a song like that as a Bside. Phoenix didn’t actually turn out as a Bside, but it was made with that intention, that feeling of freedom.”

▶️ Marvin Gaye – ‘Sexual Healing’
“I love how he embraces an almost feminine side of himself with his vocals for this song even though lyrically he’s coming from a very masculine place.  It’s something I really connected with in my youth and has always kind of governed the way I approach vocals.”

▶️ Pink Floyd – ‘Fearless’
“This is a song I have always loved since I first heard it as a teen. I love how it’s a song that adheres to a very typical song structure in so many ways, yet it still flirts with the aesthetic in such a seamless way. When I was making ‘Sinful’ I was reminded of
how ‘Fearless’ starts at a gentle point and expands within the arrangement of the song.”

▶️ Bill Withers – ‘Use Me’
“Sonically this sits in such a warm, beautiful place.  Ear fatigue is something that really bothers me in most modern mixes and something about the warmth of this song is the epitome of that analogue warmth and sunny, woodsy sound. This kind of sound made me aspire to make a track that you could listen to and be timeless forever across any decade, yet still delivers its emotions seamlessly.”

▶️ Van Morrison – ‘Sweet Thing’
“The sentiment of this one really resonates with me as a songwriter.  There is rawness to it, a carnal desire, but it’s still pure of heart.  As an artist I am adamant that I only write from truth, so there is a genuine pureness and honesty to my songs that I find important to keep in my music.”

▶️ Hall and Oats – ‘I Can’t Go for That (No Can Do)’
“It’s just such good vibes.”

▶️ Tim Maia – ‘Rational Culture’
“This is a song that I used to listen to a lot in Toronto when I was growing up. I love the idea of a song not being forced with the task of fitting into a 3-minute window for radio. The length of this record really allows you to enjoy the groove of the track and for me the vibe of a song has to transpire into the live show. So, when recording the album it was important to me that the live show with the Rhye band, really transcended this.”

▶️ Tears for Fears – ‘Pale Shelter’
“I’ve always loved this song. I think that nostalgia in music is important, and this track for me really takes me back to my childhood. I strive to make songs that have a feeling of nostalgia, as I like the abstract concept.”

▶️ Duran Duran – ‘The Chauffeur’
“This song was ahead of its time, it's a little dark and twisted and suggestive in a
sexual way. And it’s always cool to see a pop band make a song that doesn’t conform to typical pop music.”

▶️ Marvin Gaye – ‘Anger’
“This is an emotionally raw record. I love how honest and expressive it is. You can hear how Marvin was able to channel his real life into this album. In the same way that I was able to tie stories and life experience throughout my music.”

▶️ Michael Jackson – ‘Human Nature’
“The way this song is produced supports the song itself in the most perfect way. The production is so gentle allowing the song to be soft and moving in a really sweet way. One of my favorites to groove out to.”