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Good Boy Turn Us On To Their Favourite Aussie Bands

Fortitude Valley-based Good Boy make easy Aussie lo-fi. They’ve just released their new EP, Shirk Life, that’s full of 21st Century frustration and a real buzz. Basically, you need this noise in your life.

We asked the trio to share their favourite Australian bands with us and Good Boy guitar hero Tom Lindeman obliged. Watch the vid for ‘Fishing With A Shotgun’ and check out the golden nuggets of sonic goodness that Good Boy recommend from their homeland below.

Sweater Curse

“Sweater Curse are a bunch of mates from our home town, Brisbane. They’ve been played shows like crazy for the past year supporting some awesome bands along the way. I’m just listening to their new single ‘Don’t Call Me’ now and I can confirm that it’s great.”

Dumb Things

“Dumb Things are yet another band from Brisbane featuring a bunch of our mates. They dropped an album earlier this year that we all love.”

Jess Locke

“I saw Jess Locke recently at a show in Brisbane supporting another local favourite, Babaganouj (shoutout to Babaganouj). I’d never really listened to her music before then but I haven’t stopped since. Check out her album, Universe.”

Horror My Friend

“I can’t remember where we met these guys but that doesn’t matter, their music rules. Their latest single ‘Admit None’ has been on repeat since they released it.”

Make More

“I love this band but our frontman Rian would have to be their biggest fan. Their album ‘Spend Life’ was such a great record that should have gotten way more attention than it did. Listen to the guitars in a song called ‘Loose Tombs’. Insane.”

Pist Idiots

“The Pisties are from Sydney and they bloody rule. We toured with these guys earlier this year and they blew us away at every show. Super excited to what this band has in store for us.”


“Clea has one of the most incredible voices I’ve ever heard and of course, she’s a Brisbane local. She brought out an EP earlier this year, check it out!”

The Gametes

“These guys are supporting us at our home town EP launch! They’ve only got one track on Spotify at the moment (which is a cracker btw) but I reckon there could be new music coming real soon.”


“We toured with Jarrow earlier this year for our release of a split 7″. We’re actually label mates now! Keep an eye for new music from Jarrow real soon I reckon.”