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French Crooner Ryder The Eagle Shares Suave ‘Crush Your Head On The Floor’ Video

“My name is Ryder The Eagle, and I don’t know who I am,” says Ryder The Eagle in the opening line of his biography slash personal statement.

“I was born on July 5th, 1989,” he continues, “I’m a dirty crooner, restless biker, and a dedicated lover.” He’s also a fiery drummer, a proficient crooner and knows how to wear a suit. He’s also the protégé of Moldy Peaches man, Adam Green.

Ryder’s debut EP, The Ride of Love, is out now and we’re bringing you a first look at the video for EP track ‘Crush Your Head On The Floor’.

Here’s what Ryder messaged BEAT to say about the song:

I wrote that song when some guy was hitting on my girlfriend on a daily basis. It kinda drove me crazy, got me paranoid as hell. I was back to that animal state, when you just wanna protect what you think is yours. I wanted to beat the fuck out of this guy, but I wrote a song instead. That’s what music is for: turning those dark emotions into art and just get it out of your chest forever.

Here is a photograph of Ryder’s chest:

Ryder is about to embark on an ambitious 43 date European tour, we’d say that is going to push the limits of human endurance, but we are not his mum. Here’s the poster he made for the UK dates on the tour: