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Press Play on the Mixtape Brisbane Ambient-Popster Future Jr. Made Us

There’s a new heartbreaker in town and his name is Future Jr. aka Australin 23-year-old Matt Nainby. His debut EP, Vacancy is heading your way in 2018, until then you can enjoy ‘Suburbia Blue‘ and the super dreamy ‘Sentimental Trick’ (check out the vid above – there is really is nothing better than a music video with fireworks).

We asked Future Jr. to make us a mixtape of some of his favourite Brisbane artists and he did not disappoint!

▶️ JOY. – ‘Smoke Too Much’
“I’m a sucker for anything that has a tinge of heartbreak. A song to turn up way too loud and go for a night drive with the windows down and let that piano seep into your soul.”

▶️ Eves Karydas – ‘There For You’
“If Lana Del Ray and MØ had a baby and it decided to write a pop banger. A chorus melody that can do wrong. Just let those fluffy vocals rush over you.”

▶️ MTNS – ‘Slow Motion’
“Local legends MTNS have a knack for writing choruses that absolutely soar. This track is no exception mixed with synths you can melt into.”

▶️ Last Dinosaurs – ‘Stream’
“I’ve been a fan of Last Dino’s for a while now, they really never disappoint. A romantic nostalgia flows through all their tunes, but this one a favourite. The sounds of my youth.”

▶️ Jungle Giants – ‘She’s a Riot’
“An oldie but a goodie. Crispy guitars left and right and a groove that you can help but move to. If you’re a geek for your guitar tones, a definite one to vibe out to.”

▶️ The Belligerents – ‘Voices’
“Psychedelic tastiness. Teen angst, attitude, and fuzz.”

▶️ Airling – ‘Stallin’
“Just get ready to bathe in some early 2000s R&B vibes. The chorus floats in and out of this incredible groove laid down by some soft crushed drums.”

▶️ Wyatt – ‘Silhouette’
“One of Brisbane’s most underrated hidden gems. A song for the days when those self-destructive tendencies get a little too much. It’s a perfect melting pot of dark and gritty vibe and production.”

▶️ Lastlings – ‘You’
“This track is a banger and half. It’s so dark but so so tasty. Put on your groovin’ shoes before that chorus hits though, don’t get caught off guard on your first listen like I did.”