East of My Youth's Anthemic Synth-Infused Track 'Go Home' is Like a Warm Hug - Beat Magazine

East of My Youth’s Anthemic Synth-Infused Track ‘Go Home’ is Like a Warm Hug

Thelma Marín Jónsdóttir and Herdís Stefánsdóttir are the Icelandic duo better known as East of My Youth. They’ve got a new single, it’s called ‘Go Home’ and it’s out on the 17th November via West Of My Future Ltd – but you can hear the dreamy electro-pop number first right here.

Here’s what Herdís emailed BEAT to say about the fizzing synth-infused pop track:

The song was composed really quickly on an early summer day in Berlin. I was sitting in the studio and playing around on my MicroKorg synth, listening to A$AP Rocky, the sun was shining – just a perfect day. The song came really easily and naturally almost all at once. I called at Thelma who was sitting in the other side of the room working on something else and we started adapting the melody and singing through the song. It already sounded great just with vocals and the Korg. We were in such a good mood that we went downtown and Thelma bought herself new shoes and then we went back to the studio had some wine and danced!