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Average Sex Share New Song ‘Ice Cream’ and Tim Burgess Chats with the Band

Average Sex are a band from London town. Charlatans main man Tim Burgess is putting out the bands debut EP Ice Cream on 1st December through his OGenesis Recordings.

Following up on ‘Ugly Strangers‘, the band have popped the second track from the EP onto the internet for your listening pleasure – check out the scuzzy title track ‘Ice Cream’ below. Average Sex vocalist Laetitia Bocquet describes it as a song about unrequited love and the naivety of youth, “Boys are like ice cream, they are cold, perfect for summer days and come in a lot of different flavours.”

“I got a call from Finn, the drummer in my solo group, who told me he’d just joined a brilliant new set-up that I needed to listen to,” says Tim Burgess about how he discovered the band. “Within a minute he’d sent a link and within 2 minutes I’d heard everything they’d recorded and they were my new favourite band. They have the pop sensibilities and the hooks and melodies that never leave your head.”

Here’s a lil Interview Burgess did with Average Sex vocalist Laetitia Bocquet and guitarist Sam O Donovan:

Where do you live?
Laetitia: Homerton, East London
Sam: Seven Sisters, London

Where did you meet?
L: Sam and I met at the Victoria through Finn, who later joined Average Sex on drums.
S: We first properly met at a Yummy Fur gig at The Victoria

What are your lyrics about?

L: ‘Ice Cream’ and ‘Hey Boy’ are about unrequited love and frustration. We’re done is about failed relationships. And ‘Ugly Strangers’ is about using alcohol to escape your real problems.

You mentioned that The Victoria (pub in Dalston) was an important place in the story of the band – how come?
L: When I wrote ‘Ugly Strangers’ I was having serious mental health issues and I was partying a lot to get away from myself until getting treatment. My friends worked at the Victoria so I was drinking there almost every night. When writing the song, I had a very vivid image of the Victoria in my head. The chorus is about all these nights there. The rest of the song is basically about life being shit, hence drinking to ‘be happy’.

Where did we meet?
L: I think that I first met you when we supported the Charlatans at the Hippodrome!
S: I first met you properly at Tim Peaks Isle of Wight 2014

Who cuts your hair?
L: My mum or myself
S: Me

Who are your favourite bands?
L: Most influential for me on this project would be Garbage, Young Marble Giants and 1960s French Yé-yé babe Jacqueline Taieb.
S: REM, Weezer and the Ramones (mostly).

Average Sex will be supporting The Charlatans on their UK November tour playing these places on these dates:

29 November Nottingham, Rock City
30 November Sheffield, 02 Academy
1 December Wolverhampton, Civic Hall
2 December Manchester, 02 Apollo
4 December Glasgow, 02 Academy 1
5 December Newcastle, 02 Academy 1
7 December Leeds, 02 Academy
8 December Cardiff, University Great Hall
9 December London, 02 Academy Brixton