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We Chat to Amber Dixon, the Photographer On Set for Lady Leshurr’s ‘Queen’s Speech’

Teaming up with the ‘Queen of Grime’ herself, Lady Leshurr, Nike marks the release of the Force Is Female collection. Lady Leshurr, a former BEAT coverstar, and her all female team conceptualised the creative journey – from image making to styling to hair and nails, for the Birmingham born rapper’s seventh “Queen’s Speech”.

Two years ago, the opening shot of Lady Leshurr’s first “Queen’s Speech” was a close-up of a Nike Air Force 1 shoe – and number seven in the series of independently produced, honest and witty freestyle videos not only continues to establish her as a leading voice in UK culture, but highlights her continued love of the empowering shoe. Here we speak with Amber Dixon, the photographer on set for Lady Leshurr’s ‘Queen’s Speech Ep.7’.

Amber Dixon is a young photographer born on the Isle of Man. After moving to London at 18 to study photography at The London College of Fashion, the city has continuously provided her with the eclectic mix of people, places and cultural scenes that keep her constantly inspired.

What is the best part of your job, day to day?
The daily buzz of doing what I love and always meeting new inspiring people.

What woman would you want to capture the most?
Kate Moss in the 90s.

What was the best part of having an all-female team?
Fun, girlie and calm, we were a great team and all just wanted the best out come.

What’s the biggest difference between being on set with men and being on an all-woman set?
Every set is different it down to the team.

Do you find that when crews are assembled, a lot of people making the decisions don’t think to include women? How does that affect the product being made?
No not at all, I think today female are well represented across all areas of the industry – what can men be doing more of to support women in video/image production? Nothing, I think woman have just as much power these days.

Celebrating women creatives and diverse creatives is very ‘trendy’, how can the industry – on a big level and small level – work to keep that momentum going?
I think it’s down to everyone and also the creatives to keep pushing forward, we’re in a new generation where gender doesn’t matter as much. We are all the same doing our own creativity. The main thing is just too keep being yourself.

The Nike Air Force 1 ’07 collection is now available in women’s sizing on the Nike App, nike.com and at select retailers