MØ Drops Surprise Six-Track 'When I Was Young' EP and a New Haircut - Beat Magazine

MØ Drops Surprise Six-Track ‘When I Was Young’ EP and a New Haircut

Unstoppable Danish pop entity MØ has pulled a Beyoncé and surprise dropped a brand new six-track EP titled When I Was Young. She also has a new haircut.

According to MØ the songs on the EP are all about both looking back and looking forward, which is probably why half of the tracks sound like her debut album No Mythologies to Follow and the other half sounds like her collabs with Major Lazer, Justin Bieber, Cashmere Cat, Charli XCX and Snakehips.

Do you realise that her Major Lazer collab ‘Lean On’ has been viewed 2.2 billion times on YouTube? Blimey!

MØ says that, “Making the EP has been such a nice flashback experience because I forgot about the little things; how you put the songs together, the lyrics, the song titles and the artwork,” and that, “Just being in the bubble of that energy is so fucking awesome. It’s so amazing to be able to create a universe.”