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Meet Stylist Savannah Baker from Lady Leshurr’s All Female Creative Crew

Teaming up with the ‘Queen of Grime’ herself, Lady Leshurr, Nike marks the release of the Force Is Female collection. Lady Leshurr, a former BEAT coverstar, and her all female team conceptualised the creative journey – from image making to styling to hair and nails, for the Birmingham born rapper’s seventh “Queen’s Speech”.

Two years ago, the opening shot of Lady Leshurr’s first “Queen’s Speech” was a close-up of a Nike Air Force 1 shoe – and number seven in the series of independently produced, honest and witty freestyle videos not only continues to establish her as a leading voice in UK culture, but highlights her continued love of the empowering shoe. Here we speak with the stylist for “Queen’s Speech 7”, Savannah Baker.

Stylist, Photographer & Creative Director, Savannah, was born in London with early childhood influences from growing up between the triangle of New York, London,and Jamaica. Her surroundings and upbringing have immersed her in a range of cultures, art practices, fashion movements, and music genres, all of which inspire and inform her eye for creating bold and energetic streetwear looks.

What is the best part of your job, day to day?
I feel blessed as I really enjoy my job and creating. I love meeting new people and helping them feel confident, comfortable and truly happy with how they look. I am also a photographer and have a brand “Pum Pum Gyals” so I am always creating- it never gets dull.

What was the best part of having an all-female team?
It was wicked to see how much everyone supported each other, the gals genuinely cared and were excited to hear what each other were doing. It was balanced and natural, we gave advice and shared experiences. There wasn’t much small talk or beating around the bush!

Celebrating women creatives and diverse creatives is very ‘trendy’, how can the industry work to carry that momentum through?
It is definitely a trendy subject, but conversation is always good: it keeps the topic in people’s minds and gives them the chance to debate and have their own views. I think respect and support are key no matter who you are or where you come from. One of the first lessons you are taught in life is: ”Treat others how you would want to be treated” and though it’s cliché, people honestly forget this.

Have you ever experienced sexism on set?
No, I always assert myself and I’m quite hands on… If I have lots of bags with me I always accept help to make the process quicker. But it’s not always like that – I spoke to another female creative who does set design – a role with a huge amount of manual labor. She was on an all-girl set design team and every other person on this massive music video set was male. Needless to say…chivalry is seriously dying – we both laughed about it and agreed we’re pretty happy to be hands on, powerful gals.


The Nike Air Force 1 ’07 collection is now available in women’s sizing on the Nike App, and at select retailers