Premiere: Chløë Black Returns with Explicit Track 'Waterbed' - Beat Magazine

Premiere: Chløë Black Returns with Explicit Track ‘Waterbed’

It’s been a minute since Chløë Black dropped a track. Black is known for delivering certified anthems with massive choruses and references to all the good stuff like Wednesday Addams, Twin Peaks, bad boys and heartache – check out ‘27 Club‘, ‘Cruel Intentions‘ and ‘Wild At Heart‘ for reference. Anyway, Black is back and we’re premiering her attitude heavy new one, ‘Waterbed’.

Born in Australia and now based in Los Angeles by way of Paris and London, Black has made a name for herself channeling Hollywood glamour into her songs which are best described as doom and gloom with beats and hooks. Any long time Black fans will be relieved to know that ‘Waterbed’ is the first of a bunch of new material coming your way (we’ve heard some unfinished tracks and fear not because where ‘Waterbed’ is a more explicit and in some ways understated affair, the rest of the new songs are pure Chløë Black classics).

Here’s what Black emailed BEAT to say about the track:

I grew up partly in Seattle during the nineties and because of that grunge has a big place in my heart. ‘Waterbed’ is symptomatic of my nineties nostalgia but shot through a 2017 lens. I don’t want to say too much about it because I prefer when people are able to interpret things their own way – but I will say that to me the song is more than just literal.