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Take a First Look at the ‘Kids Of The Club’ Video from Manc Outift Luxury Death

Luxury Death – aka Manchester duo Meg Williams and Ben Thompson – don’t do things by halves. Following up on their debut EP Glue, they’re about to release their singles series ‘Diluted‘ and ‘Kids Of The Club‘ which we’re premiering the vid for right here.

‘Kids Of The Club’ is an ode to klub kids, night life and dancing in discos. It takes influence from “industrial dance music, dystopia, and the club scene” and tells the story of a couple “unchained by the lights and sounds.” The video is très chic and features some appealingly harsh graphic design elements that link up with the 52 page Digital Ceremony zine that Luxury Death are publishing (we’ve had a peak and it’s cool af).

Here’s what video director Lucas Chemotti told BEAT about shooting the vid:

I flew out to Manchester from LA to shoot the video and we ended up getting most of the footage in a warehouse club called The White Hotel. Our aim for this short film was to capture a feeling; a sense of decay with a lasting air of utopia.

Working with Ben & Meg is always amazing because they come at you with so much creative energy. I shot the ‘Glue’ video last year from the US; talking with Ben and Meg every step of the way to make it happen. Being able to be around them this time and get their input hands on, as well collaborate further on concepts made this video really special for me, and us.