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First Listen: Naaz is ‘Up To Something’ on Her New Single

Prepare yourself because the new track from 19-year-old pop rebel Naaz is a total banger from start to finish. It might only be Naaz’s third release (after ‘Can’t‘​ and ‘Words​’) but the self-written and produced slice of self-styled “quirkpop” proves Naaz is ready to take a seat next to her fresh thinking pop contemporaries like Alessia Cara.

‘Up To Something’ also directly addresses the initial concerns Naaz’s family had about her pop star ambitions – see lines like, “Don’t want to hurt them but this is who I am / chasing ambitions making my own mistakes.” The next gen artist grew up in the Netherlands as part of a more conservative Kurdish household. Naaz’s parents were initially resistant to her chosen career path, believing she needed a more stable career but she eventually won them over.

Here’s what Naaz had to say about the track:

This song is my soundtrack for hope & freedom, and makes me feel capable of anything. Back in highschool I used to spend my time alone during the breaks so I could write songs and just be. I did the same at home, but nobody understood, and when questioned why I’d just say, ‘I’m just up to something’.