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Win Tickets to the Fluffer Mega Pit Party with Black Lips and Mooooore!

The gang behind Fluffer Pit Parties are gearing up for what they’re calling the pit party to end all pit parties on 24th November 2017. Black Lips are once again returning to headline the pit with their new album, Satan’s Graffiti or god’s Art?, for what they’re promising will be the most mega pit party to date.

Pit party will be relocating from it’s warehouse roots to set up shop at the Old Coronet Theatre in Elephant & Castle, for one of the venue’s last ever events before it shuts forever (redevelopment really is ruining all the fun in London). Black Lips will be joined by Future of the Left, Madonnatron, Warmduscher (Fat White Family / Childhood supergroup) playing live and Bo Ningen and PINS spinning on the decks. Basically a dream line-up.

Look at how much fun you could have!

They’ve given us a pair of tickets to give away so just retweet or share this post on twitter or facebook with the hashtag #pitparties and we will find you and make one of you a winner (even though we’re all winners really). Or if you can’t be arsed with all that then just buy yourself a ticket from here.

Ahead of the party on 24th November, team Fluffer have picked out a few tracks that they’re hopig make the set list on the night – by which they mean tracks that will have them convulsing at the front of the crowd, sweat dripping from their brows, and their tonsils ripped to pieces.

Black Lips – ‘Bad Kids’
“The classic Black Lips anthem. The soundtrack to 10 million adolescents lives. At last year’s Pit Party this was the final track the Lips played and it resulted in the band being engulfed by a huge stage invasion. Bring it on!”

Black Lips – ‘Can’t Hold On’
“From the exceptional new Black Lips album Satan’s Graffiti or God’s Art. An instant classic. Immediately infectious and we’re predicting will result in one of the biggest singalongs of the night.”

Black Lips – ‘Modern Art’
“If you don’t bounce to this you might just be dead. An absolute killer Black Lips track. Like jumping on a runaway garage rock steam train. Expect 360 degree crowd surfing.”

Future of the Left – ‘Singing of the Bonesaws’
“At a push our favourite Future of the Left track. Genius lyrics backed up with an absolute bulldog of a bassline.”

Future of the Left – ‘Back When I Was Brilliant’
“Killer riff, blood curdling vocals, and stomping drums create an insane groove that grabs you at the core.”

Future of the Left – ‘Arming Eritrea’
“‘Come on Rick, I’m not a prize!’ When the chorus kicks in on this track the whole theatre is going to erupt. There might even be a few tears by the end. Two minutes and 57 seconds of pure adrenaline.”

Warmduscher – ‘The Salamander’
“Dirty, slimey, and utterly thrilling. Like you’ve just slipped into some kind of Salamander wormhole.”

Warmduscher – ‘Uncle Sleepover’

Madonnatron – ‘Headless Children’
“Probably one of our favourite tracks of 2017 and the reason Madonnatorn are on the bill. The organ is delicious, the vocal delivery cool as fk and the harmonies completely enchanting. Get down early to catch Madonnatron’s opening set.”

Madonnatron – ‘Be My Bitch’
“We love the lazy vocal delivery, and the super simple drum beat backed up with beautiful jangly guitars. We can not wait”