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Take a First Listen to NoMBe’s Hushed New Track ‘Rocky Horror’

Germn born, LA-based artist NoMBe (pronounced Noam-Bae) is having a busy year. The 26-year-old has been releasing a track a month during 2017 – which seems to be the done thing at the moment – they’ll add up to debut album They Might’ve Even Loved Me pencilled in for a proper released via TH3RD Brain Records in January 2018. It’s still just about September so NoMBe’s on his 9th track of the year, ‘Rocky Horror’, which you can hear first here.

With it’s low-key performance backed by just a lonely acoustic guitar, ‘Rocky Horror’ is all hushed sweetness. Here’s what NoMBe emailed us to say about the story behind the track:

One night I was fighting sleep, hoping for a stroke of genius to hit me as I went over guitar chords I had in my head for far too long. Playing them over and over and over. My eyelids were weighing down heavy, but I kept writing and felt inspired to put down the narrative of The Rock Horror Picture Show; the story of a stranded couple that is “saved” by a stranger only to be held captive as “guests” in his/her house.
All of a sudden the narrative became very personal to my own. I started weaving in experiences of close family – my mother especially – and her very own horror stories of going to prison. Suddenly, the lyrics started to take on a whole new meaning and as I went even further down the rabbit hole, I began to realize the many prisons my mother had been in over the years. Those as an intellectual growing up in the rural south and being the only black woman in a European society in the late 80’s, held captive within patriarchal systems, and in a greater sense, the imprisonment we all face on a daily basis. The confines of societal pressures, expectations and roulette-esque experience of being born into this world