Premiere: London's CC Honeymoon Oozes Appeal on Debut Track 'Part Time View' - Beat Magazine

Premiere: London’s CC Honeymoon Oozes Appeal on Debut Track ‘Part Time View’

CC Honeymoon is aiming to bring a hint of glamour, a splash of decadence and some sex appeal back to the London music scene. On debut track ‘Part Time View’ with its massively pleasing lo-fi wonky electronics that channel John Maus. Yes it’s pretty retro sounding but who really cares? As the press release rightly says CC Honeymoon is the sound of “electro pop on the night bus… Chariots and the river, a 4am romance, it’s the dole, its 1980s Soho. It’s CC Honeymoon.” Pass the poppers!

We only have one photograph of Honeymoon in landscape and we thought it was important that you see his yellow trousers. Here they are:

Anyway here’s the track: