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Lina Tullgren Gives Us a Track-by-Track Guide Through Her Debut Album ‘Won’

Maine’s Lina Tullgren is New England’s best kept secret, for now at least. Her debut album Won – out now on Captured Tracks – is likely to change all that. Won is an intimate and minimal record that deals with internal struggles and delivers on all of the promise of her 2016 Wishlist EP.

We asked Tullgren to put together a track-by-track guide to Won, so we could go bts her debut in more detail. True to form it’s an intimate and humorous aside to Won.

We love you Lina Tullgren.

“Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life. Their reasoning is nearly always selfish.”

“I had a massive, sunny room facing a noisy street and I wrote this song and showed it to a friend and we sat there playing the chords over and over and over again. We had talked about a concept of getting “stuck” like when you have just met someone for the first time and you are smitten and can’t stop looking at each other. ‘You wanna go out?’ ‘No, sorry, i’m stuck.'”

‘Face Off’
“One of my obsessions: home. A sometimes fruitless cause, a continuous search. Floating around memories and driving around the area I grew up in, looking at all the houses I lived in when I was a kid. Sometimes I think that feeling at home is being completely alone with yourself. Like you are alone but never lonely. ‘Face off’ starring John Travolta, a film I have never seen.”

‘Red Dawn’
“Pain is always there below any surface, but it’s just the natural cycle of things. Some things last a long time and then suddenly you make a mistake and they’re over. I lived up at the top of a big hill in a blue room without heat. ‘Red Dawn’ starring Charlie Sheen, a film I have never seen.”

‘Fitchburg State’
“Recurring dreams about attending college, in the cold blue room. Ty+i really made this track into a dumb rock song production wise, remind me why we did that again?”

“Me and my dad are both very slow to process change. For a long time there I had a really hard time sorting through the massive amounts of junk in my head. It was only when I sat down somewhere and wrote it down that I could begin to figure it out. Slowly.”

‘Get lost’
Remember all those Prince bootlegs that came out where he’s playing uilleann pipes? Early 1950s. When he died I lost it. I wrote this song that day. My least favorite song on the record.”

‘Summer Sleeper’
“I hang out in my room all day and all night. Leave me alone and stop asking me why I do that.”

“This song is mildly fascinating to me because I wrote it before all of the other songs on this record and it is somehow incredibly self referential. I wrote this with no intentions to do anything with it but it somehow subtly dictated the rest of the lyrics on this record, in a way that was seemingly accidental.”

‘STatic Burn’
“I said ‘the record’s done!’ and the label said ‘how about one more little one?’ – recorded in my room in Jamaica Plain, my least favorite neighborhood in all of Boston.”