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Video: London Electronic Artist Visionist Drops Brutal ‘No Idols’ Visual

London electronic artist Visionist — real name Louis Carnell – is readying the release of his second album Value, due out on 20th October via Big Dada.

The record comes with a mountain of impressive artwork, with Belgian artist and Kanye album cover designer Peter De Potter creating a zine to accompany the LP that features shots of Carnell by Daniel Sannwald. Then there’s video work from Frederik Heyman and Teri Varhol who is the woman behind the visual for ‘No Idols’.

Utilising dream logic and symbolic imagery, Varhol’s twisted imagery is the perfect match for Carnell’s often brutal soundscapes. “For ‘No Idols’, I wanted to explore notions of the Idol and the Idoliser,” Carnell says, “‘No Idols’ considers the often crushing nature of worshipping another but also the consequences of holding oneself as an emblem.”

Here’s the Value album cover by Peter De Potter:

If that tickles your fancy then here’s Visionist’s debut album Safe: