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Klax Have Done a Specially Commissioned Remix of David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ for it’s 40th Anniversary

On September 23rd it will be a 40 full years since David Bowie’s ‘Heroes’ landed. Can you even imagine a world without ‘Heroes’ aka the most epic song ever written? To celebrate the 40th anniversary of ‘Heroes’, a limited edition 7″ picture disc is being released on Friday 22nd September via Parlophone, featuring the original track and a previously unreleased live version from Marc Bolan’s TV show back in 1977. Plus there are two new specially commissioned remixes of ‘Heroes’, one from Berlin’s Filburt and the other from Brighton trio KLAX which you can hear first right here.

‘Heroes’ was of course written by Bowie and Brian Eno, produced by Tony Visconti and was originally recorded in English, French and German (all of which feature on the A New Career In A New Town (1977 – 1982)’ boxset out on 29th September). Recorded during Bowie’s legendary Berlin period, the track tells the story of two lovers, one from East and one from West Berlin, and was inspired by the sight of Visconti embracing his girlfriend by the Berlin Wall.

Here’s what KLAX had to say about their reworking of the track:

To be given the opportunity to add our own touch to such an iconic track was both daunting and astonishing. We wanted to maintain the emotion of the original track while placing it firmly in the ‘here and now’, staying true to Bowie’s forward thinking and boundary-pushing legacy. It was easily the highest pressure remix we’ve ever done but we are really happy with the results and hope others feel that too.

Before the starman departed he asked us to put him on the cover of BEAT and obviously we couldn’t believe it and obviously we did put him on the cover. You can still get your hands on our very special poster issue featuring some exclusive David Bowie pictures, both old and new, plus two different covers (check ’em out below) from artist Sue Webster. Head over here to get a copy.


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