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Norway Crew Rytmeklubben Drop ‘Drugs U Do’

Norway crew Rytmeklubben (translation; the rhythm club) are the DJ slash producer ‘club boyband’ of your dreams. They recently whipped up a storm at our Ace to BEAT party and now they’ve dropped a fresh fix of Rytmeklubben sounds in the form of ‘Drugs U Do’ to keep us poppin’.

Henrik The Artist, Hi Tom, DJ Karaoke and Torjus wrote the track during a harsh Nordic winter, here’s what they had to say about it:

We wrote ‘Drugs U Do’ in Stockholm when a huge snowstorm hit and all of town was basically shut
down. Karaoke was almost unable to get from the airport and to the studio and Henrik almost got
stranded in Stockholm trying to get home. But the studio was sweet and it had ping pong, so we
spent probably most of the session playing that, but ended up writing a song about wanting to be
someone’s drug. Someone’s addiction in love and how you sometimes feel like you have to struggle
for that love.

Check out ‘Drugs U Do’ below, plus a hand scribbled Q&A with the gang (taken from our Summer 2017 issue) and you can head over here to listen to the all killer no filler playlist they made for BEAT.