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King Krule Goes Zombie in ‘Dum Sufer’ Video

Having recently revealed the Frank Lebon directed video for ‘Czech One‘ – the first cut from his second album The OOZ – King Krule has revealed his sickly new vid for ‘Dum Surfer’.

The vid’s directed by Brother Willis and finds a zombied out King Krule performing with his band of ghouls in a working men’s club.

Krule – real name Archy Marshall – follows up on his 2013 debut album Six Feet Beneath the Moon on with The OOZ on October 13. Krule says The OOZ is, “About earwax and snot and bodily fluids and skin and stuff that just comes out of you on a day to day basis.” Check the full track list and album art below. Sick!

Here’s The OOZ track list:

01. Biscuit Town
02. The Locomotive
03. Dum Surfer
04. Slush Puppy
05. Bermondsey Bosom (Left)
06. Logos
07. Sublunary
08. Lonely Blue
09. Cadet Limbo
10. Emergency Blimp
11. Czech One
12. (A Slide In) New Drugs
13. Visual
14. Bermondsey Bosom (Right)
15. Half Man Half Shark
16. The Cadet Leaps
17. The Ooz
18. Midnight 01(Deep Sea Diver)
19. La Lune

The OOZ cover art by Jack Marshall: