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Take a First Look at Clarence Clarity’s ‘Naysayer Godslayer’ Video

We’re premiering the ‘Naysayer Godslayer’ video from producer slash artist Clarence Clarity – you might know him for his work with Rina Sawayama and HMLTD. The maximalist track is out on CC’s own Deluxe Pain imprint and is the result of his endless quest for making unique Pop, “whilst having the Gods (music industry) walk out on me, and effectively ask me to give up. To which I’ve said ‘no’.”

The ‘Naysayer Godslayer’ vid was shot in Hollywood, Clarence took the footage back to the UK warped into into something pop but with a subversive anti capitalist, anti establishment message.

Here’s what Clarence had to say about it all:

This song is about emotionally lashing out at someone because you can’t have them. Loving them so much that the only way to cope with the separation is to demonise them in some way – convincing yourself that they are bad, and you don’t need them. It’s also about the complete non-acceptence that no matter how hard you try, there are some things you can’t have.

None of which is necessarily important. The medium is the message – and I’m so deep down a possibly-ironic hole with my writing/production that I think I’m just making unironic pop music at this point.

The video is about the framing of young talented faces, next to a seemingly unmoved puppet master (me). Framed within a trendy vaporwave aesthetic for the sake of it, the dance routine is imposed on a billboard to make you think about capitalism and other horrific things.

Watch out for Clarence’s second album Leave Earth, which is done and dusted and may or not be dropping soon. Plus check out our chat with Rina Sawayama and Clarence in the Summer 2017 issue of BEAT.