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Take a First Listen to ‘Me & Panormita’ from Greek Garage Gang Acid Baby Jesus

Greek gang of four Acid Baby Jesus are back in the game after a three year hiatus. Following their first two album’s – their debut LP and the demo collection Selected Recordings – they’re about to release their third LP, Lilac Days, through Fuzz Club Records on 29th September (get it on vinyl here). We’re bringing you the first play of the album’s frenetic lead single ‘Me & Panormita’.

Here’s what the hedonistic garage rock’n’rollers had to say about the mighty fine track:

‘Me & Panormita’ was inspired by Italian poet Antonio Beccadelli’s (a.k.a Panormita) book Hermaphroditus. It’s an erotic song about throwing away taboos and succumbing to the temptations of the flesh in any way, shape or form. Wonderful whips and mainlining on a jetliner while wearing eyeliner. One person cut in the middle by the lighting bolt of Zeus. Horribly human, a condition to be in.