Lorde Covers the Summer 2017 Issue of BEAT - Beat Magazine

Lorde Covers the Summer 2017 Issue of BEAT

Hope you’re ready for a new issue of BEAT because the 2017 Summer issue is about to hit the damn streets. We’ve got some actual pop royalty pon the cover this time around in the form of New Zealand’s finest – LORDE.

We didn’t want it to be yet another super serious chat with a 20-year-old, so we made sure we asked Lorde some purposefully fun questions. That gamble paid off because we learnt loads about her, like the fact that she had an obsession with early noughties boyband Blue and we would never have known that otherwise!

Else where we talk to Maggie Rogers, the gal that left Pharrell speechless when she played him her music and has since become a phenomenon in her own right. We check in with Perfume Genius because it’s always a pleasure seeing Mike Hadreas and we haven’t had a chat with him since he graced the cover of BEAT #12. Plus we hooked up with actual R&B goddesses TLC!

This is what the cover looks like…

On Sunday July 2 2017 BEAT magazine broke a promise of a lifetime never to leave the house on the sabbath and hosted an all-day party, Ace To Beat. We can’t believe it either actually. Basically, we took over the Ace hotel in London’s infamous Shoreditch and filled it with some of our favourite people, added some booze, God provided the sunlight and a lovely time was had by all. *Robson & Jerome voice* Up on the roof, we had performances from the likes of global-pop maven Lao Ra, lo-fi indie babes Blueprint Blue and Sweden’s current best pop export Tove Styrke, while ‘the wheels of steel’ were controlled by our very own Hanna Hanra, Rytmeklubben, Zoee and – wait for it – Douglas Hart, formerly of The Jesus And Mary Chain, went ‘back to back’ with Pulp’s Steve Mackey.

Obviously a party has to exist over multiple rooms, so we then had your favourite new popstar Raye performing in the Ace’s basement venue Miranda, with Rina Sawayama and Clarence Clarity DJing before and Hannah Diamond DJing after. Some more music was provided by Chilli and Marley in the lobby, because why not, eh. Jessie Ware also did an EXCLUSIVE performance in Hoi Polloi but there will be more from her in the next issue perhaps. Maybe. Who knows… That particular venue was then brought to a close by the immaculate Jonny Woo’s A Night of 1000 Jay Astons.

Most magazines hosting a party do it to shift copies of their latest £7 opus, but we thought we’d mix it up and shoot and interview the acts at the party, therefore creating the bulk of this issue in one fell swoop. Madness right? Right. It was actually quite the pavlova, and might not ever happen again but when you get your claws on an issue (pick up a free copy or treat yourself to one here) you’ll see it looks bloodly lovely.