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First Play: Arrows of Love Get Angry About Apathy on Second Album ‘PRODUCT’

East London art-rockers Arrows of Love have channeled their rage into their new album PRODUCT.

Produced by Mikko Gordon (Thom Yorke, Gaz Combes) the album is a critique on modern life, politics, philosophy and the fight against apathy. Just like their first record Everything’s F*cked, PRODUCT is a record that flips between hysterical, sombre and sinister vibes, all delivered with the band’s trademark blistering chaos.

You can stream PRODUCT in full ahead of it’s proper release on 11th August and check out some words (not for the faint hearted lol) from Arrows of Love about the record below…

“‘PRODUCT’? Isn’t it obvious? Well y’know we looked around at all the shitty, despicably boring bands littering the musical horizons and thought “I know, let’s just try NOT recording songs that just sound like previous eras but far less memorable”, and see if the music industry can handle it. No that’s not true at all. We already know it can’t. Because by now it’s obvious to anyone with half a working nostril that most the 2-bit shitpickers that comprise this crud-infested collection of sycophantic flea-like arse-dwellers that we call a music industry, the people who have ruined this nation’s ear by stuffing the worst faeces into people’s ears while rubbing their dicks with their wallets, are so divorced from any original love of music they had in the first place, and have got the whole bloody game sewn up end to end, that the public can just expect to have MacDonalds-equivalent musical ‘Happy Meals’ shoved down their malnourished throats until everyone believes that’s exactly what they want most. We fully expect to sell at least 36 copies of this album to supportive righteous souls who know and like us, while the rest of our left-wing savvy audience of dissenters figure out ways of having it for free and just come to the shows to have a good fucking time on guest list, before we go broke, decide to get off this stupid ride they call ‘being a musician’, start battening down the hatches, watch shit hit the fan, and at least know that we gave the people who matter a soundtrack.” – Arrows of Love

Arrows of Love play these places on these dates:
Oct 12: F – Paris @ Le Galion
Oct 13: F – Brest @ Le P’tit Minou
Oct 16: D – Koln @ Sonic Ballroom
Oct 17: D – Hannover @ Glocksee
Oct 18: DK – Copenhagen @ Loppen
Oct 19: D – Berlin @ Supamolly
Oct 21: CH – Wintherthur
Oct 24: F – Lyon @ La Sonic
Oct 27: I – Milano @ Bloom
Oct 28: I – Jesi @ TNT
Oct 29: SLO – Ljubljana @ Channel Zero
Nov 29: UK – London @ Electrowerks