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First Listen: Hear ‘Perfect Body’ the Second Album from New Zealanders Mermaidens

New Zealand trio Mermaidens not only have one of the best bands names ever, they’ve also got a brand new album out. It’s called Perfect Body, it’s great and you can hear it here first via a cheeky pre-release stream.

Perfect Body follows Mermaidens’ debut full-length Undergrowth and is wall-to-wall with gloomy basslines, the mesmerising melodic sounds of Gussie Larkin and Lily West’s hypnotic vocals and dynamic drums courtesy of percussion powerhouse Abe Hollingsworth. Aiming to take the sound they were already known for and “mess with it it”, Perfect Body flips between queezy and dreamy and all out noise and it’s all captured with a live feeling raw edge.

Here’s a few words from the three-piece about the record:

Perfect Body was written over a few months in many different spaces around Wellington – we jammed out ideas in our freezing practice space in Newtown, recorded snatches of vocal melodies into our cellphones on long walks home, and stewed over lyrics up until recording them in the studio. Listening back to Perfect Body, it feels like a slice of a very specific time and place and the relationships/feelings we were experiencing at that time.