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Beat Book Club: Washed Out Picks His Top Reads from His Kindle Library

Reading is sexy, that’s why we asked US musician Ernest Greene aka the one and only Washed Out to scroll through his phone’s kindle library and recommend some top reads.

Greene has just released his third full-length record after signing to legendary hip-hop label Stones Throw Records. Mister Mellow comes with eleven special commissioned visuals that use pretty much every form of animation you can think of, with collage, claymation, hand-drawn and stop-motion all deployed to melt your eyeballs.

Watch the full visual album below and check out Green’s recommended reading selection…

Jack Kerouac On The Road

“One of my fave books as a teenager that I’ve recently re-read. It captures a sense of excitement and adventure that is really contagious and exciting for a young person.”

Sharon Waxman Rebels on the Backlot

“This book tells the story of a few of the young indie directors that shook up the movie business in the 90s. So many of these directors had an uncompromising vision that is really inspiring to me as I continue to grow in my own creative life. The will and determination it took to make these weird films was very courageous.”

Emilio D’Alessandro Stanley Kubrick and Me

“This book was recently recommended to me as I’m a huge fan of Kubrick and his films. I’d already read a few biographies about his life but this offered a different perspective – told through the stories of his chauffeur of 30 years. You end getting a much better sense about Kubrick the person – which again was very inspiring to read about.”

Kevin Ryan and Brian Kehew Recording the Beatles

“This book is super comprehensive – covering every single recording session the Beatles did during their career and it offers a lot of interesting recording techniques they used from session to session. Not only is it easy to steal some ‘tricks of the trade’, it inspires me to take my own creative risks.”

John Seabrook The Song Machine: Inside the Hit Factory

“Told mainly through the stories of Swedish songwriter Max Martin, Seabrook examines the art of songwriting – and how it’s changed over the last 20 years. While there is no magic “formula” it is inspiring hearing some of Martin’s thoughts about the balancing act that makes a good pop song.”