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Premiere: Get ‘Aggressive’ with Berlin Proto-Punks Balagan

Get ready to roll your rrr’s because we’re premiering ‘Aggressive’, the excellent first cut from Balagan’s debut five-track EP. The Icelandic/Tel Aviv trio have been all over Berlin this past year, playing shows and fine tuning their particular brand of sonic ‘mess’ (balagan translates from Hebrew as ‘mess’ fyi) that’s played with a whole lot of heart.

Jalal, Dagur and Rennert recorded their self-titled EP at Berlin’s iconic former GDR broadcasting house turned recording studio, the legendary Funkhaus. They’ll be releasing it real soon through new label ROOD WOOF REC on one-sided 12″ vinyl that comes with special hand-printed cover art (pre-order yours here). Nice.

Until then, here’s two-minutes and fourteen seconds of pure proto-punk power!