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Stream the Sofia Coppola Soundtrack Cover Album from Indie Label Super Fan 99

Idk about you but I’m still pretty gutted that Sofia Coppola’s live action version of Little Mermaid is dead in the water (sorry!). Apparently she wanted to shoot it under water for reals, but realised it would’ve been a totally impractical nightmare. Coppola does however have another new film out, it’s called The Beguiled and it looks like another Coppola classic. Here’s the trailer:

Indie label Super Fan 99 have been long time admirers of Sofia Coppola’s movies having having fallen under her spell in 1999 after renting The Virgin Suicides from their local Blockbuster store. They particularly became hooked on Coppola’s impeccable song selections that soundtracked her worked.

So, in tribute to Coppola’s exquisite taste/vision Super Fan asked bands from their label and beyond to pick songs from the soundtrack’s to Coppola’s films to cover for an extra special compilation tribute album.

The result is a mixed bag of lo-fi bedroom recordings and full band studio affairs that add up to Sofia Songs, the labels 50th official release. With a sleeve design by Kieran Gabriel, each and every cassette copy accompanied with a movie script style book with details facts on each movie and it’s music.

Super Fan will also be donating £1 from each copy sold to their favourite charity so stream the full ode to Coppola compilation in full ahead of release only on the BEAT and order a copy here!

Behold the Sofia Songs cassette (walkman not included)!