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Stream ‘Folder’ the Debut EP from Copenhagen’s Lød

Copenhagen’s Lød (it roughly translates as “sounded”) got together post graduation to play post-punk. Inspired by the cities post-punk scene, that’s spearheaded by the likes of Iceage, Lød dived in feet first playing ominous live shows across town. Their debut EP Folder (released via London label Tough Love) is a vibrant thing comprised of four-tracks that are nothing short of sonic odysseys including the eight minute title track and nine minute ‘Så Blå’.

Most of Folder was recorded in the Southern part of Jutland at Sonic College, where the band’s long-time friend and producer Julius Pedersen was a student. In the dark Danish winter, he spent a weekend with Lød, helping them to record what would become their debut EP.

The four songs that were recorded over that weekend were based on a live set that see the band shedding their pure noise skin in favour of a post-punk danceathon that owes a debt to the likes of NEU!

Shout out to Søren Gade’s Danish sung vocals. Dance yourself stupid to this one.