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B Boys Share Some of Their Biggest Inspirations

Brooklyn’s B Boys have just released their most excellent debut full-length album Dada through the good folks at Captured Tracks. The label describe the trio as, “Three psychos that came to be through fate by way of necessity.” Basically they don’t take themselves too seriously but they make some seriously good tunes – just like on album cut ‘Walking’, a track they say is all “about trying to be tender and acknowledging that masculinity is a prison written after a whirlwind of emotions of being on tour.”

We asked Brendon, Britton and Andrew to tell us about some of the stuff that’s inspired them and here are the words they said to us:


“A constant source of inspiration in my life has always been my friends around me. One person in particular is Andrew Savage, who I met when I was 14 and we got reacquainted during college. His early success with art and music made me eager to experiment with music more. I remember seeing his band Teenage Cool Kids for the first time and everyone was singing along, and I decided that was what I wanted as a musician. To be able to effect people and to play at his house. The first shows I played in Europe were with Andrew. That was the moment I realised that music could take you to places you might not be able to ever go, and definitely allows you to have a multitude of experiences that are out of the norm.

He played in bands that I loved in college and inspired me to start playing music back then, and still his music and art inspires me today. He’s a friend and just someone to look up to who works hard and is very successful. All of us were a part of a great community in Denton during this time and most of the people from there are still making great music and are great people. I’m lucky to have such supportive friends, and people around me that are constantly inspiring me to continue what I love to do.”

“Another point of inspiration for me are things like VH1’s Classic Albums or rock n roll documentaries. Putting a face and story to classic bands and their albums make them seem more human and down to earth. I watch a lot of videos of people dissecting their songs and getting into the production of their music. Watching them go through the process makes it seem so easy, which it’s really not, but it gives me the idea that I might not be able to do exactly that, but hopefully I can make something similar.”


“Aside from cherry-picking any one person out of my group of friends, including members of this band, skateboarding has always been my number one source of inspiration and in particular, Mark Gonzales. The Gonz is an inspiration to me because he was always doing his own thing, doing it well, and simultaneously having a blast. He is a legend on a skateboard and a great artist that has a very funny way of playing with words. His style is seemingly effortless, if not a little bit sloppy, and yet somehow fully calculated. He is the kind of person that is most likely not of this planet and thus one could never inspire to be but only lucky to have an encounter with.

One of the first design projects I ever had the pleasure of working on was Mark Gonzales’s book Non Stop Poetry: The Zines of Mark Gonzales. My excitement was completely uncontained and my boss thought I was a freak when I learned that I would be contributing to this project. Working on this book, I learned a lot more about Mark and the breadth of work he has created. I think Mark is very seriously having fun or at least I’d like to think so, and that inspires me. Be like Mark, a B Boys certified PSYCHO.”


“My father, who taught me how to play guitar, and whose constant support, love and guidance allowed me to continue exploring the gift of music all these years.”