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We Talk Global Issues With Norwegian/Iranian Artist Amanda Delara

Real talking Norwegian/Iranian artist Amanda Delara makes r’n’b flavoured pop bangers with an unwavering and unapologetic message. Remember when Katy Perry was harping on about making purposeful pop? Well this is exactly that – pop music with purpose. Delara’s socially conscious lyrical stylings are a an impressive play – after all if you stand for nothing you’ll fall for anything, right?

Delara utterly smashed it at this years by:Larm festival in Oslo and is riding a hat-trick of great tracks featuring ‘Dirhamz‘, ‘Paper, Paper‘ and current single ‘Next Generation’.

Since Delara is clearly leading the pack of next generation artists that are all about pushing substance to the front of their work, we asked Delara to break down five global issues that she has beef with right now.

Politicians Who Fuel Fear of Immigrants

“There are too many politicians out there who want to instigate fear instead of building bridges. Just like the rest of the world, we have some of these in Norway. One of the politicians here actually went on an “immigrant-hunt” with a TV crew (yeah that’s really what they called it). I think these actions are sending out a messed up signal. It’s painful to witness your parents working so hard to gain acceptance and earn respect in a social hierarchy where they were condemned to be at the bottom. I think the only way to fight people like this is to prove them wrong, that’s why my parents are such huge inspirations to me.”

Be Your Own BFF!

“Children should be taught self love as early as possible. Actually everyone should be taught self love! I believe that if you don’t have love for yourself then you will constantly be seeking other people’s acceptance. I see it all the time and how this can often lead to low self esteem, which can be dangerous in a world ruled by social media and magazines trying to tell you what you should look like and how you should be. It’s easy to lose yourself in all of this, therefore – self love. Major key.

Social Openness and Awareness

“The fact that people don’t really talk to each other about how they feel is a really big issue in today’s society, especially when it comes to men. A lot of men are taught not to talk about their feelings, cause that’s less ‘manly’ or ‘macho’. I personally believe this could be a reason why the suicide rate is higher among men than women (in the western world). This issue has affected people that I love, which is why I feel passionate about it. That’s why I always try to be aware. If I sense that someone is having a hard time I make sure I check in to see how that person is feeling. I’ve learned that a small action like that can do so much for a person. So take care of each other.”

Does Money Run the World?

“What really annoys me is the way money rules the world and how we all are slaves to it. I feel like we are taught that everything has a price. If you think about it, all of our daily wants and needs seem to require money, food, clothing, rent, entertainment, healthcare etc. For some people these expenses often use up all of their earnings, even when their earnings increase. So they buy a nicer car, nicer house, better food, and always seem to use it all up. Therefore, we never seem to have more than we need, and in fact never seem to have enough. This is because once our survival needs are met everything goes toward luxury and status. It’s like an evil circle of dissatisfaction.”

The New Generation

Speaking of money, this takes me to the fact that I don’t think education should cost you a fortune. I think it should be free. I know too many people who haven’t been able to do what makes them happy, because the education they wanted costs way too much. I have been approaching some of these darker issues in ‘Paper’ and ‘Dirhamz’. My feels somewhat different. I believe that we are the ones who will make a big difference when it comes to these issues. We are the ones to build bridges, fight for equality, care for each other, and love ourselves. I’m surrounded by so many young, intelligent and open minded people, and all these people are the future. Looks bright to me.”