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Beat Book Club: Jonny Pierce of The Drums Picks His Top Reads

In the immortal words of Mr John Waters, “If you go home with somebody, and they don’t have books, don’t fuck ’em!” Here’s some other good advice you should definitely follow – check out these recommended reads from Jonny Pierce of The Drums.

Richard Dawkins The God Delusion

“This book is one I that I wish was required reading in high school. I know that would make a lot of people angry. With all the problems in our world right now, to spend even a few minutes wondering about the afterlife seems like a waste of time, let alone living your whole life for it like so many people do. Too many people who are trapped in the prison of religion. Set yourself free to live with true love and compassion and understanding. Religion is the reason I was abused and still am to this day. Today I had a “christian” send me a DM on Instagram that simply read “go KYS (kill your self) fag. ew.” True story. And while a message like that just makes me sad for that person now, I can’t help but think that same message would really rattle me as a young boy who was learning he was gay.”

Oscar Wilde The Picture of Dorian Gray

“Oscar Wilde was introduced to me through The Smiths’ ‘Oscillate Wildly’ when I was a teenager. I still haven’t read much of his literary works, but this book is perfect to me. It is sad and sexy – my favourite combo. If you get the unabridged version, you will find it even sexier, as a lot of the more indecent material was left out in the original. I don’t think I’ve mentioned this before, but this book, along with a underground gay cult film The Pink Narcissist had a lot to do with the vibe of my new album. This idea of opening up to sexual and visual fetishes. I was inspired by both works of art and it carried over.”

Augusten Burroughs This is How

“Augustin is known for his quirky, and sad autobiographical short stories. I love all his books. He did however throw me for a loop with The Is How. It’s essentially a self help book from his perspective and for the most part, I think it is spot on. I read it while traveling through Mexico and there is a chapter about losing someone to cancer that made me weep with abandon. I have since bought copies for all of my friends. So like, 3 copies.”

Édouard Louis The End of Eddy

“This book is a big hit in France right now. It’s a coming of age story about a young boy who is coming to terms with his sexuality. He is plagued with internalised homophobia (which we all know just stems from misogyny) and goes through a series of ups and downs while trying to find himself. I can see myself in this boy.”

Slava Mogutin Lost Boys

“This is a photo book that came out around 10 years ago, but it is one that remains a big inspiration for my private art and now with the release of Abysmal Thoughts, my public art. I have always been drawn towards poor boys in poor towns who wear Adidas and get into trouble. It is entirely sexy for me. I have since met the artist who took all these photos. I actually spent a night in jail with his ex-boyfriend. Don’t ask.”