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Jonny Pierce of The Drums Made Us an ‘Abysmal Thoughts’ Album Influences Playlist

Jonny Pierce is all set to release his fourth The Drums album, the all killer no filler Abysmal Thoughts, via Anti- Records on 16th June. To celebrate Pierce is all over the BEAT this week, with an avalanche of The Drums posts like this chat we had with Pierce about living minimally and finding his happy place.

Here’s an album influences playlist JP put together for us, find out the songs that made an impression Abysmal Thoughts with some words from Jonny Pierce himself.

Joy Electric – ‘Five Stars for Failure’

“Joy Electric, my favourite band as a teenager. Ronnie Martin would write super sad songs. He made himself very vulnerable in his lyrics and I always really appreciated that. This song sounds like it belongs in a David Lynch film from the 90s.”

Bjork – ‘History of Touches’

“Bjork was always a giant influence on me and with her latest release, she didn’t hold back at all musically. She talks freely about her pain and her weaknesses. This breakup album is my favourite breakup album.”

Blueboy – ‘So Catch Him’

“Blueboy had a big part in helping do define the sound of The Drums. There’s a lyric I love here: “Did you even care that I cut my hair? Cuz I wanted you to!” So sweet and so genuine. These small moments in life that aren’t that small at all really.”

The Drums – ‘I Can’t Save Your Life’

“I often listen to The Drums when I am making music for The Drums. I like to stay within the world I created for the band. I’ll listen to past albums, yes, but for Abysmal Thoughts, I spent some time listening to B-sides of mine. I find that I get a little more weird and a little more daring and sometimes more expressive if I know that a song wont go on the actual album. I wanted Abysmal Thoughts to be daring and people are saying it is! So I guess it worked.”

The Drums – ‘Blue Stripes’

“Another ‘weird’ B-side from The Drums, during Portamento. Super minimal. ‘Blue Stripes’ refers to the two blue stripes often found on generic white underwear for men in America.”

Liquid Liquid – ‘Bellhead’

“With the departure of Jacob, I found a whole new freedom to experiment with percussion! I’ve always loved bands like Liquid Liquid and A Certain Ratio, so I pulled out my wood blocks, cowbells and shakers. I even blew a coach whistle on the album’s title track.”

Strawberry Switchblade – ‘Trees and Flowers’

“This song is so incredible. She sings “I hate the trees and I hate the flowers and I hate the buildings and the way they tower over me”. Gorgeous lyrics coming from a woman who suffers from agoraphobia.”

Beat Happening – ‘Youth’

“Oh, Beat Happening. When I feel like my music isn’t ‘big’ enough sonically, I turn back to Beat Happening and they remind me that all you need is a tape machine, some shitty instruments, and a song in your heart. You don’t even have to be able to sing! If it’s good, it’s good.”

Roni Size – ‘Newforms’

“In the late 90’s I randomly found Roni Size. It was my introduction to Drum N Bass. All my friends hated it. In America, everyone was listening to post-grunge stuff. I tried to implement some drum n bass on the new album, and while, I didn’t nail the sound, I did make something sorta fresh and new. Happy accidents keep me alive!”

U-ziq – ‘Hasty Boom Alert’

“Fragile, Zelda-esque drum n bass for the more sensitive drum n bass lover. Quite melodic for the genre, and I think that’s why it stuck out to me as very special.”