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Premiere: Take a First Look at Pet Cemetery’s ‘Jane God’ Video

Y’all ready for some new Pet Cemetery? Well, that’s exactly what we’re offering today from the lo-fi bedroom-indie king who thinks “Music is sick”!

Pet Cemetery aka Saam Owen has shared ‘jane god’, a new song that he says is about “Tinder and smoking and snow.” It’s also the first track from his sickly, sycamore EP that’s due out on cassette through Liverpool label Hail Hail Records on 19th May (order yourself a copy here).

Owen sent us over the super sweet ‘jane god’ video to premiere, here’s what he told BEAT about the vid:

A friend and I have this ongoing joke about how ‘chaotic’ 2017 has been so far. We find ourselves exhausted by the weight and effort expelled chasing this chaos.
‘jane god’ was an accident, a song about the excitement of a new year, about finding a sense of balance. ‘jane god’ was/is an experiment.

Here are the lyrics if you want to sing-a-long:
i like us
the snow falls forever
a settled score
my fingers stick together
cottoned mouth teens out by the playground
a heart shaped mirror reflects time
we’re alright