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Take a First Look at the ‘Giving In’ Video from Club Kuru

Lounge core connoisseurs Club Kuru have just released their totally lush Waiting At The Corner 5-track EP. Originally the solo project of frontman Laurie Erskine, the Brit five-piece are a totally DIY set-up with top quality results – just like the ‘Giving In’ video we’re premiering.

Erskine told BEAT that he’d never made a film before since they had no budget for the video, he thought he might as well give it a go. Borrowing a friends Super8 camera, they bought some film and headed into the Welsh countryside. As they only had 12 minutes of film (Super8 film is kind of short and expensive) they had to practice each shot digitally on a phone before committing the actual take to film.

Explaining the thinking behind the visual, Erskine told us:

I was thinking of an old man looking back on his life and his relationships. The ménage à trois he still dreams of, the lost love and the bad choices he made, so this song’s like a little snippet from his dreams and his nightmares. Where did he go wrong?

The vid features super lux red velvet curtains and some horse riding – honestly what else do you even want in a video?