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Stream H.Grimace’s Album ‘Self Architect’ Ahead of Release

Go full stream ahead with a pre-release stream of Self Architect, the debut album from London-based female-fronted post punk outfit H.Grimace.

Delivering on the promise of their previous EP releases, H.Grimace release their first full-length offering, the nine track Self Architect, due on April 7th via Opposite Number.

The band – Hannah Gledhill (vocals/guitar), Marcus Browne (guitar), Corin Johnson (bass) and Diago Gomes (drums) – recorded Self Architect with long standing engineer Rory Attwell (Test Icicles originator and Warm Brains main man). It’s a powerfully punchy debut that frames singer Hannah Gledhill’s vocals centre stage, backed by the integral guitar pairing between her and Marcus Brown.

Press play on Self Architect and hear the album in full ahead of it’s official release, plus you can read a chat with H.Grimace’s very own Hannah Gledhill below.

What’s the H.Grimace story?
Initially it was a lot to do with me finding music as a creative outlet which didn’t come till I was 25. It was a natural progression starting solo and then wanting to work with other musicians. That was when I really started to enjoy music. It just became way more exciting and rewarding working with great friends who could take the project in a whole new direction.

What will your album do for people’s lives if they purchase a copy?
I think this album was quite an honest piece of work with no preconceived ideas about what we were trying to do. We wrote it with love and commitment and I hope the listener can feel some of that and maybe some of the intensity and emotion that can emerge during that time.

You started the band around 5 years ago, what have you been doing for the last five years and what effect do you think it’s had on your album having taken your time creating it?
For the last five years we’ve been working really hard on just playing together, writing, doing shows, touring. For me I really started at the bottom, it’s a testament to that journey. We wrote the record when we were ready to.

You’re based in London but actually members of the band are from Yorkshire and Melbourne. What has Yorkshire and what has Melbourne brought to the H Grimace sound? They’re not the first places that spring to mind when you think of post-punk…
Well to clear that up I spent my formative years in Macclesfield, which is home to Joy Division. Most of my family live in Yorkshire and I’d say there are some interesting writers from there, it has a bleakness to it. Marcus is from near Warracknabeal, where Nick Cave is from and went on to make some poignant punk music. The Birthday Party being a band that influenced me a lot and also Joy Division.

What inspired the H Grimace band name?
That was a nickname I was given for being a petulant teen. I just kept it for too long.

What’s your writing process?
It pretty much starts with sections of music, guitar passages we link together, the music has some unpredictable turns at times and I think that joining the pieces was where we found new ideas rather than making up a song in one go.

There are tracks that deal with female empowerment on the album, please discuss…
Well I guess we have a couple of feminist manifestos in the record. ‘2.1 woman’ being about the constant need to make a better version of ourselves. Men and women alike. Artist Vivienne Griffin wrote the words and delivered them in an almost dead pan way void of feeling but the words are still so expressive. The track ‘Lipsyncer’ was about singing to someone else’s tune, finding your own voice is hard.

You recorded with Rory Attwell, did you record it on the Lightship and how was that?
Its probably one of the coolest studios to record in on a bloody tug boat on Canary Wharf, with the tide going in and out, weird location. The gear and sound are good there and Rory is a great engineer.

What are some bullshit things in the world you’d like to call out at the moment?
Man, so many things confuse me right now, there doesn’t seem to be a clear solution for anything! The rent prices is an utter disaster, the obligation and pressure people are under to pay them denies people of their freedom. They are stuck working just to pay the rent being creative is doubly hard and I think that to be one of the greatest things in life! The Middle East situation is a disaster. I think we need to change our perspectives on integration and try and work together for the needs of all. Why can’t Business and prosper be distributed. I’m worried we can’t do this as a population and it is straw dogs.

What’s for dinner?
Tonight it’s tres viet and some noodles 👌

H Grimace play London’s Rough Trade East on April 13th