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Go Behind the Scenes of Honey Hahs’ BEAT Cover Story

The Spring 2017 issue of BEAT comes with not one, not two but SIX different covers featuring Blondie, Olly ‘Years & Years’ Alexander, Charli XCX, The xx, Little Simz and the sisterly trio Honey Hahs.

The Peckham born Honey Hahs – 15-year-old Rowan (guitar/vocals), 11-year-old Robin (bass/vocals) and 9-year-old Sylvie (drums/vocals) – are basically music’s best kept secret, well they were until we started shouting about them being the future. Signed by Rough Trade around Christmas last year, there will be some Steve Mackey-produced songs online real soon, with an album to follow before the end of the year.

Until there’s some actual Honey Hahs music in the world to get into you ears, here’s a bts video (courtesy of Oliver Hadlee Pearch and Emilie Kareh) to get into your eyes from their BEAT cover story!

Issue 21: Honey Has by Emilie Kareh and Oliver Hadlee Pearch from THE BEATJUICE on Vimeo.

ICYMI here’s the Honey Hahs’ BEAT cover that you can get yourself a copy of from over here!