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Unpacking Rose Elinor Dougall’s Music Taste

Rose Elinor Dougall is many things, former member of now defunct Brit indie=pop girl group The Pipettes, sister of TOY’s Tom Dougall and Mark Ronson collaborator (‘The Night Last Night‘). Now a solo artiste in her own right, making quality lovelorn pop with killer hooks and a sly wink to some of the best bands ever (Blondie we’re looking at you). We picked RED’s brain about some of her fave music and this is what we discovered…

First record you bought:
‘All I Wanna Do’ – Sheryl Crow

Last record you bought:
Children of Alice – Children of Alice
Favourite record sleeve:
Grace Jones – Island Life
Song that always gets you dancing:
‘SOS’ – Abba

Song that always gets you singing:
‘SOS’ – Abba
Song that reminds you of summer:
‘King Tubby meets Rockers Uptown’ – Augustus Pablo

Song that reminds you of winter:
‘Who Knows Where the Time Goes’ – Sandy Denny
Song that gets you rocking (your scarf):
‘Metal Guru’ – T Rex

First song you learned to play on an instrument:
Three Blind Mice
Favourite drink at a club:
Favourite article of clothing:
I’ve got a black velvet 90’s Armani dress which I have to stop myself from wearing all the time.

Stylist: Jess Morris / Make-up: Ksenia Galina / Clothes courtesy of Rockins

Ani Wears Rockins Explosions White t-shirt, Rockins Bordeaux Corduroy Blazer, Rockins Bordeaux Suede Belt, Rockins High Rise White Rigid Flare Denim Jeans & Rockins Zebra Sequin Scarf, Rose wears Rockins Plain Black T-Shirt, Rockins Black Velvet Blazer, Rockins Washed Black High Rise Rigid Denim Jeans & Rockins Green Sequin Snake scarf, Tom wears own clothes and Charlie wears own clothes with RockinsWings Super Skinny Black Scarf