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Meet Death Fuck Leather Party’s Ani Mijatovic

Death Fuck Leather Party is a new project that counts The Horrors’ Rhys Webb as a member. The band is so fresh that they’ve only played a handful of shows and haven’t even put any music out yet. Since there’s no Death Fuck Leather Party sounds to listen to right now (and because she looks the shit), we thought we’d talk to DFLP member Ani Mijatovic about the music she’s into.

First record you bought:
Happy Nation – Ace Of Bass
Last record you bought:
‘On The Way To The Peak Of Normal’ – Holger Czukay

Favourite record sleeve:
Double Fantasy – John Lennon/Yoko Ono
Song that always gets you dancing:
Britney Spears mega mix
Song that always gets you singing:
Trouble Loves Me – Morrissey

Song that reminds you of summer:
‘Bamboleo’ – Gypsy Kings

Song that reminds you of winter:
Most Smiths songs
Song that gets you swinging (your scarf):
‘Sparring Partner’ – Paolo Conte

First song you learned to play on an instrument:
‘Au Clair de la Lune’ – Debussy
Favourite drink at a club:
Aperol spritz
Favourite article of clothing:
My friends clothe’s

Stylist: Jess Morris / Make-up: Ksenia Galina / Clothes courtesy of Rockins

Ani Wears Rockins Washed Black Explosions Pussybow shirt, Rockins Desert Trip Black Super Skinny Scarf, Rockins Bordeaux Suede Belt, Rockins High Rise White Rigid Flare Denim Jeans and Rockins White Denim Blazer.

Tom Dougall wears own clothes, Ani wears Rockins Zebra Sequin Scarf, Rose wears RockinsPlain Black T-Shirt, Rockins Black Velvet Blazer & Rockins Rivet Belt & Charlie wears own clothes and Rockins Wings Super Skinny Black Scarf