The Drums Return with New Track 'Blood Under My Belt' and Announce Fourth Album 'Abysmal Thoughts' - Beat Magazine

The Drums Return with New Track ‘Blood Under My Belt’ and Announce Fourth Album ‘Abysmal Thoughts’

Thank your lucky stars because The Drums have unveiled their brand new track ‘Blood Under My Belt’ and announced deets of their fourth studio album Abysmal Thoughts out via Anti Records on June 16th.

It’s been three years since the last The Drums album and totally worth the wait because Jonny Pierce is back and better than ever. ‘Blood Under My Belt’ is a slice of The Drums signature sound – upbeat and heartfelt – here it is:

Here’s some words from Pierce about the new record, written in the wake of the dissolution of his longterm relationship with his former partner, he went back to basics writing the record all by himself after he switch New York for LA:

I said I wanted to let life happen? Well, the universe listened and life began to fuck me real good! But honestly, I make the worst art when I’m comfortable. The stuff that resonates with me the longest—and that resonates with others—is always the stuff that comes out of my misery.
Happiness can be confusing to me, it shows up out of nowhere, and before you can even get used to it, it’s vanished. But Abysmal Thoughts? I can rely on them—and with the political chaos that is raining down, who knows when these dark feelings will subside?

The announcement comes with the full album track-listing and some suggestive artwork that gets two thumbs up from us:

1. Mirror
2. I’ll Fight For Your Life
3. Blood Under My Belt
4. Heart Basel
5. Shoot The Sun Down
6. Head Of The Horse
7. Under The Ice
8. Are U Fucked
9. Your Tenderness
10. Rich Kids
11. If All We Share (Means Nothing)
12. Abysmal Thoughts