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Press Play on the Turkish Flavour Playlist Jakuzi Made Us

Turkey-based synth-wave enthusiasts Jakuzi are one of a kind. Coming up through the alt music scene in Istanbul, Kutay Soyocak (vocals) and Taner Yücel (bass / synths) aka Jakuzi are here to rearrange your view of contemporary Turkish music.

As Taner puts it, “Jakuzi’s mission is the essence of the earliest wave bands – wanting to express to their listeners that emotional songs can still be made for dancing, and that celebration and physical expression aren’t limited to shallow or dumbed down pop music.”

Here’s a taste from their upcoming debut album, Fantezi Müzik, out March 24th via City Slang:

We asked the duo to dig deep into their record collections and put together a Turkish flavoured playlist, get into the groove below…

Tunç Çakır – Smile

“Tunc’s album is brilliant. Everything is analog that consists detailed arrangements. And the harmonies are incredible.”

Seyyal Taner – ömür geçip gidiyor

“Actually we don’t love many songs of her’s. But this song has a feeling such as Alphaville and AHA and the music is opposite to the lyrics that makes it funny and beautiful.”

MFÖ – Yalnızlar Garı

“We really love MFO. They have an energy and great compositions also they are very good instrumentalists that can beat up many current bands in a way. We love the gothic dark feeling in this song which caught up in coincidence.”

She Past Away – Katarsis

“There is not much to say about them except we love their music. It was funny to listen their song after MFO’s :)”

Kim Ki O – Biz Senle Eşit Değiliz

“The atmosphere of this song is great. Kim ki O is one of the main bands that influences us. When listening to this song it seems that the weather is getting colder.”

Age Reform – Body With Things

“This is the project of our friend Berk çakmakçı that we admire his work. He is a multi disciplinary artist and with this project we are having fun at our parties and also we love the video very much as well.”

Iskeletor – KOKO

“Another radical musician for Turkey. We love the rigidity and the sounds in this song. In the song when we hear the voice of Erkin Koray, a smile appears on our faces.”

Pitohui – MNS

“We have chosen this song from their E.P called Enspektör. We love the song since it changes many forms inside and performed well.”

Palmiyeler – Paramparça

“We think that, they are the only lo-fi based band in Turkey. We love their albums, songs and everything very much. But this song has been played in our homes very often.”

Özgün Semerci – Mucize

“We have chosen this song that we love, from his E.P called Bulandı Sularım. His instrumentalism song writing is tasteful as well as the food that he cooks 🙂 We love him.”