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Take a First Listen to ‘Flicker’ from Nordic Pop Hope Lxandra

Stop the clock because Finland just found itself a brand new talent worth getting properly excited about. Her name’s Lxandra, she’s a 20-years-old singer-songwriter from a small island called Suomenlinna outside Helsinki with a population of just 800 humans.

Lxandra (pronounced just like Alexandra) has been living and working hard on her debut album in Berlin. Feeling that the time’s right to release her debut self released single, ‘Flicker’, Lxandra fired the killer slice of Nordic pop over for BEAT to premiere. Watch out for the imminent unveiling of the ‘Flicker’ vid on 1st March, it’s self-produced and co-directed by Lxandra and Iiris Heikka.

Help yourself to a free download of ‘Flicker’ and check out what Lxandra had to say to BEAT about the track:

‘Flicker’ is about letting go. Dealing with the demons and accepting the situation as it is. The first ever writing session I had, Flicker was created and therefore it is naturally my first release. I followed the advice of letting go and by releasing the track the prologue to the story of my journey is set.