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Take a First Look at the ‘Bones’ Video from Lea Porcelain

Lea Porcelain are two kool kats, Julien Bracht and Markus Nikolaus, originally from Frankfurt and now based between Berlin and London town. The post-punk cold wave miserablists will remind you of Majical Cloudz with their bleak vs intimate dynamic that’s bolder than ever on new track ‘Bones’.

Currently working from Berlin’s iconic Funkhaus – a broadcasting house created under Soviet supervision that now houses the world’s biggest recording studio – Lea Porcelain took time out of the studio to head to the desert and shoot the crystal clear visual for ‘Bones’.

Take a first look at the video below, read some words the duo sent us about it and hold tight for their debut album set for release in summer 2017!

We’ve tried to create a surreal world, somewhat paradise and somehow afterlife, wherein loneliness creates a desire for a different world. The mirror symbolises communication between the two worlds that don’t need no language nor words but rather signs of light that symbolise hope and a familiar feeling in a world that seems a bit lost and so otherworldly sometimes. The song sends this message with its timeless romance and the picture that combines this otherworldliness with the persistence of memory in image.

Lea Porcelain play London’s Electrowerkz on 15th February