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Bill Baird Announces Two New Albums with ‘Nature Dot Com’ Video

Mr Bill Baird’s last album Summer is Gone was an ambitious experimental live album that generated a unique mix for every listener (Baird single handedly spent countless hours making 250 difference mixes of each song) and then deleting itself after listening (read more about that over here).

Baird is back and ready to release not one but two new albums – the ‘morning’ album Easy Machines and the ‘evening’ album Baby Blue Abyss – on 28th April through Talkshow Records (with a limited press of 300 vinyl copes of each out on 24th March).

The San Francisco-based musician dropped his brand new video for ‘Nature Dot Com’ into our inbox to premiere along with the album news. It was made with MS Paint, features Donald Trump and Gandhi and you can watch it below while you read some words from Bill Baird about the visual and check the Baby Blue Abyss and Easy Machines tracklistings.

The video was my first animation. I created each frame in Paint, that antique program, and imported the image in, one by one. The bit with Donald trump? Well I actually had inserted that before the election, he’s always been repulsive. Gandhi is complicated for some people but for me, non-violent protest is very inspiring.

The song itself is about mediated reality. Just the sheer absurdity of digital replicas or the need to mediate all experience. People staring at waving fields of wheat with dead eyes in front of their home computer. I have a friend who will only go out of his home after he’s read every fucking Yelp review about the endeavor on which he’s embarking. When we walk around, his phone never leaves his face. Reality only becomes real to him if it’s being mediated digitally. I love this friend and can empathize with his plight; I am typing this on a phone.

I wanted the song to sound like an infomercial for a virtual paradise somebody is attempting to sell you. After I’d finished, it sounded more like one of those 30 second pop songs at the beginning of a terrible 80s tv sitcom. So I made a video that fit into that concept. The graphics are very much influenced by computer programs I’ve written in PASCAL and BASIC.

Rudimentary tools. Sitcom theme song. Mediated reality. There ya go.

Baby Blue Abyss track listing:

1. Wino Strut
2. Graveyard Dog
3. Everlasting Pleasure Cruise
4. Diamond Studded Casket
5. Baby Blue
6. Walking In A Straight Line
7. Muzak Of The Spheres
8. Bourgeois Blues
9. Nature Dot Com
10. Social Swamp Quicksand Screen
11. Long Ascent

Easy Machines track listing:

1. Telephones
2. Quicksilver Slip
3. Shape Shifting Game
4. Be Yourself
5. As The Sun Will Rise This Dream Recedes
6. Heaviness Of Flame
7. Sound In Your Mind
8. You’re Someone Else
9. So Says Me
10. Never Go Home Again

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